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The Married One

Night out in Japan

Marriage is about finding that one person…and then you annoy him for the rest of your life! No one likes to be annoyed. Some things you just let slide. Stop nagging him about leaving the toilet seat up – does he nag you about putting it down? Let him have his Sunday sports with the guys (and no shopping is not a sport). Sadly, they cant read minds,  you need to tell them what you want. It will save a lot of time. And no they really don’t think we look fat.

The Single One

Styled Out

The ultimate surprise! Finding your current date is on line dating. It stares you in the face. Now what do you do? You clicked on him; he clicks on you. The internet exposes everything. A great research tool,  but also a terrible invasion of privacy. Dating – plagued with confusion. Only option – to stay home eat pizza, curl up in Pj’s, & watch ET. Sounding very tempting!


Paris Fashion

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All about Legs Leg up on Fashion All about the Look

Wear2Where –  Who always has a leg up on Fashion? Paris. Style anything with great shoes. It doesn’t hurt to add bare legs!


Does being married or single influence fashion selection? Can you relax more if married & not chasing your next date, or do you love looking sexy for your husband? Sometimes you might want to “marry” the two. Look for M (married), S (single) or a MS (married/single) next to the fashion looks.



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Fire up the Red  Crop It   Ballin elasticated panel booties10814221_3955798_300        Vionnet twist lock shoulder bag  57749_300


Wear2Where – You’ll look elegant in a pair of printed silk trousers. Pair them with an eye-catching crimson coat and cobalt booties, and you will turn heads dining at Bar La Grande Dame in Paris’s Hotel Sezz. Trés chic!    (M)



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Kenzo textured oversized coat          Claudia Gamba x Muuse Farfetch 'construct skirt" 03212_300  Giuseppe Zanotti Design Passione BootsReed Krakoff Mini Atlantique Tote


Wear2Where – For Paris chic, less is more. You  never go wrong with clean lines and a pop of color. Put your best foot forward in a pair of fiery red stilettos, or slip into an eye catching geometric pencil skirt. Share a room with your best girlfriend at the Hotel Keppler, and step out in style for a day of shopping on the Champs-Élyseés.    (S)



Shop the Look – Men


Farfetch Giorgio Armani Wool Hooded JacketMaison Martin Megela Paneled SweaterErmenegildo Zegna Classic Tailored TrouserDolce & Gabbana 'Taorina' Tote


Wear2Where – Paris is a fashion forward city; we want our men to look great too! Dress to impress in a fitted Giorgio Armani jacket, or seal a business deal at the swanky Shangri-La in a pair of classic Ermenegildo Zegna tailored trousers. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?    (MS)


Co-Author: Bailey Wyatt




Get Personal – San Francisco

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The Married One

Hidden Treasures

Are you game? Marriage is like walking thru a jungle. You can’t see what’s coming around the next corner. One minute all is serene, calm, loving, birds chirping. Next minute: the sleeping lion is after you! You run for your life! What’s a girl to do? Watch your step, tread softly, perhaps unzip that sexy dress.  Whatever works – Your move!


The Single One

Steppin Out

Dating sucks! What happened to the phone?  Just rolling text messages.  Don’t like your online date – move one to the right and trade. Girlfriends send their mismatched dates to their friends. No face, and No voice, It’s like fictitious dating. What are the chances you would really like someone? Probably easier to just take up golf or skydiving.