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The Married One

Hidden Treasures

Are you game? Marriage is like walking thru a jungle. You can’t see what’s coming around the next corner. One minute all is serene, calm, loving, birds chirping. Next minute: the sleeping lion is after you! You run for your life! What’s a girl to do? Watch your step, tread softly, perhaps unzip that sexy dress.  Whatever works – Your move!


The Single One

Steppin Out

Dating sucks! What happened to the phone?  Just rolling text messages.  Don’t like your online date – move one to the right and trade. Girlfriends send their mismatched dates to their friends. No face, and No voice, It’s like fictitious dating. What are the chances you would really like someone? Probably easier to just take up golf or skydiving.



Get Personal

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 The Single One


Gamble Away

Life’s a gamble. When do you hit the jackpot?  You can be single and safe or take risks. Without the risks – for sure there’s no reward. Life is tenuous – seize all the opportunities you can. Dating is like spinning the roulette wheel – all the numbers and colors must be aligned to score… you know how rare that is! But when it does, you hit the jackpot. So always play for the “win.” No compromises, no holding back and never give up.


The Married One

How Could You Have Known?

You Should Have Known, The Silent Wife and Gone Girl. What do they have in common?  Breakthrough, powerful messages about marriages filled with lies, deception & desperation. How depressing! How far do you go to save a marriage? Or kill it? Or kill him, or her? The premise of  You Should Have Known  is “we don’t listen when we meet the man of our dreams.” All the signs are there, we just ignore them. Maybe it’s true but I’m betting on spinning that wheel of fortune and hope it lands on Forever!





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