We provide travel and fashion packing tips for all destinations. Whether traveling alone, on a romantic getaway or business trip, we make sure you look and feel your best.



When packing for a trip there are many things to consider. Here’s our recommendations, tips and tricks for short and long trips. Helping you pack is only a Click away.



Buy local currency in advance -bad idea to get in cab in zurich and not pay. No fun in jail
Adaptor plugs – a hole is not a hole.
Dual voltage hair dryer, flat iron, other devices you may use. Setting your room on fire does not mean you can buy new clothes?
Check for visas
Vaccinations? Contact CDC
Check your passport (travel.state.gov) for all requirements – be sure passport does not expire for 6 months and number of remaining pages in passport critical.
Stop mail /cancel newspapers
Set up international phone service.
Advise credit card & ATM companies of usage
Auto pay bills
Copy of passport
Copy your travel insurance – place in outside pocket of suitcase

Valuables in safety deposit box or safe
Car parked on street? Avoid tickets

Basic packing list

Tears Natural for dry eyes
Kindle / I pad and charger
Magnifying glass (have you ever tried reading a map)
Toothbrush & paste
All face products
Refill all 3 oz products for plane – pack hand moisturizer!
Aspirin / Motrin
Spf 50 +
Small scissors (in suitcase, not carry on)
Hand sanitizer
Imodium, Pepto, Cortizone
Mini travel umbrella
Shampoo, conditioner, (keratin) soap & body moisturizer
Extra reading glasses
Bose headset, if desired

How to pack luggage

The suitcase is empty- here’s some tips…

Use tissue paper to prevent wrinkles
Stuff your shoes with socks to save space & prevent damage to heels
Put all liquids in zip lock bags – nestle in middle of suitcase
Compression bags to save space
Cushion shoes in corners of suitcase

Foot Petals – a must for walking
Don’t pack linen
Do not lock luggage unless TSA approved locks

What to take on board

Airline ticket
Prescriptions ambien/nose drops/ eye drops
Cell phone & charger
Laptop, I pad, Kindle
Eye glasses
Foldable Slippers
Bottle of water
Travel / hotel itinerary
Camera /charger
No jet lag pills (it works!)
Travel food (candy)
Favorite things you can’t replace
Ear plugs

Pack for skiing

Batteries for electric ski boots
Ski helmet
Neck gator
Sunglasses with strap
SPF 50+
Hand & feet warmers
Ski boots strong tread
Thermal underwear
Ski socks
Face mask
Ski gloves
Ski pants
Turtle neck shirts
Ski jacket

Pack for cruise

Swimwear, cover up, flip flops, ginger pills, seasickness patch, hat/visor
SPF 50+
Locks for suitcase (for before boarding & disembarking)
Each ship has dress codes – casual, informal and formal. Look them up. Remember you don’t need 14 different outfits for 14 nights.
Sexy black dress goes a long way.  2 pair evening shoes
1 pr. high heel sandals
Comfortable walking shoes
Large beach bag resort, backpack for sports
Small bills for tipping
Cardigan for nights (unless cruising to Antarctica!)

Packing for Guys

Just remember… you’re the girl, you need all the space!!!!

Travel Documents
Shaving products
Nose strips for snoring
Travel Pillow

Sexy trunks
Dress Shirts
Dress Slacks
Casual Shoes
Dress shoes
Flip Flops
Camera/Charger/Extra Memory Card

Packing tips for travel and fashion

If I had my way I would pack myself in the suitcase and travel with it into the bowels of the plane. Since that is not possible I have devised some unique (admittedly quirky) packing tips to maintain my sanity, not get sick, expedite air travel and overall be prepared for anything that comes my way. Sadly, I cannot predict the weather but we all know that whatever weather.com says, it will be the opposite!

Sign up for Trusted Traveler at tsa.gov –
Sign up for priority pass – admittance to most business lounges worldwide
Curing pills – Chinese antibiotics – what’s worse than never leaving your hotel bathroom?)
Nutra-biotics nose spray –  I’m addicted to this. One squirt and germs do not enter your petite nose. Coupled with…
Triple antibiotic ointment – after a squirt a little dab will do you in your nostrils ( said it was quirky but I have never gotten sick from a plane flight)
Drink Ease– I am sure this is wishful thinking but can’t hurt
Foot Petals– if I could buy stock in this company I would.
Nipits – covers your nipples. Need I say more?
Compression Bags – not only do they leave you more room in your suitcase,  I label them so all my sweaters are in one, pants in another etc. Organized way to travel
Sports Sac – this carry on is where all my cosmetics, reading materials, vitamins, drugs, a sandwich and makeup go. Lightweight, crushable, fits under your seat. Perfect!
Collapsible tote to carry heels for nighttime
Laundry Bag
Samsonite spinner – my favorite value suitcase.


Admittedly, I am the worst packer in the world. Barbara has helped to streamline my packing from steamer trunks to the ultra large suitcase. I take all the best things I own and do not carry anything on the plane. If I land and my luggage has not arrived … I am screwed!

Lingerie– black strapless bra – thongs, full cotton panties and shape underwear
Cashmere long gloves elbow length that fit into evening purse or pocket of coat
Creme & Black Leg warmers  – to be worn with boots – also serve as warmth if needed
Vivid colored pumps  – red, pink or green- they go with a great black dress
Over sized multi colored jeweled costume earrings
Black leather gloves, one bright colored pair of gloves that works with your outfits
Belts – stretchy elastic jeweled belts (buy size large) that fit waist and hips
Large Black Pashmina (blanket size)
High heel boots (winter or summer) they look good with  sundress
Walking shoe  (usually Uggs) be creative in texture and color
Sunglasses with a neck strap
Jason Wu Travel Tote
Cashmere Black Sweater dress – can be worn separately or with pants & belted
Lubricant & Condoms (always hopeful)
Black & white turtle necks, round neck t shirts, white tank top
Fur Hat, Earmuffs, or visor
Medicine mix (Drip Drop) cure all energy, ambien, valium (traveling can b stressful), nose drops for plane, lubricated eye drops, Eucerin Calming Body Moisturizer.