Get Personal

The Married One

Night out in Japan

Marriage is about finding that one person…and then you annoy him for the rest of your life! No one likes to be annoyed. Some things you just let slide. Stop nagging him about leaving the toilet seat up – does he nag you about putting it down? Let him have his Sunday sports with the guys (and no shopping is not a sport). Sadly, they cant read minds,  you need to tell them what you want. It will save a lot of time. And no they really don’t think we look fat.

The Single One

Styled Out

The ultimate surprise! Finding your current date is on line dating. It stares you in the face. Now what do you do? You clicked on him; he clicks on you. The internet exposes everything. A great research tool,  but also a terrible invasion of privacy. Dating – plagued with confusion. Only option – to stay home eat pizza, curl up in Pj’s, & watch ET. Sounding very tempting!


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