Antarctica Fashion

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Wrap yourself up! A ribbed creme cashmere sweater bundled with a Love Quotes bright red over sized scarf, puffy red Canada Goose Jacket & cozy Koolaburra fringe boots – a very cuddly look. Wear it to the W Hotel, Santiago. In freezing weather start with multiple layers, and slowly reveal your curves as you dance late into the night at Whiskey Blue.  (S)


Does being married or single influence fashion selection? Can you relax more if married & not chasing your next date, or do you love looking sexy for your husband? Sometimes you might want to “marry” the two. Look for M (married), S ( Single) or a MS (married/single) next to the fashion looks.





Wear coral arm warmers under a fox cropped jacket and wrap a Love Quotes creme fringe scarf around your neck. Throw on jeans or leggings and tuck your jeans into cool looking quilted Jeffrey Campbell black boots. This look has just the splash you need to keep your husband focused on you all night long. Wear it to the Aubrey Hotel in Santiago and look chic as you enter the lobby!   (M)






Wear tight red leather pants layered with a fox hooded vest and topped with a faux fur DKNY Jacket. Slip on Jeffrey Campbell tall leather boots that have enough weight to balance the look. Wear it to Ritz Carlton as you stroll around the hotel day or evening. Single or married you will look hot while in “cool” attire.   (MS)



Packing for Antarctica

How do you pack for Antarctica? It means traveling via Buenos Aires, Santiago or Ushuaia. Think hot and cold weather. It means layers, various pieces of clothing that can be used interchangeably for both climates. (i.e. dress or pants that can be a staple, layered with sweaters and jackets or peeled back and worn with a t shirt) You need: waterproof  “Typhoon “rubber rain boots, waterproof rain jacket, waterproof pants, thermal underwear, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of sturdy polarized sunglasses, our favorite Cannon Camera, lots of batteries, mini binoculars, Kayla Down Parka ( on sale too) and Z Shade Organic Sun Block by Simple Radiance. Looking like a fireman may not be the most flattering – although we do love how they look! The challenge is traveling from Buenos Airs or Santiago where the weather will be hot and you are in a city environment. Bring a bathing suit, casual lightweight shoes, t shirt, skirt or cotton pants, a sexy sundress and throw in your heels – you may decide to dance all night and go directly to the ship.




Antarctica Travel

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If you love penguins (who doesn’t ?) get close and personal to your well-dressed friends. Antarctica – The “White Continent,” ice so white it’s blue, glaciers look like sideways apartment buildings, a journey where you are awestruck by its beauty. Yes, it’s expensive, weather dictates port stops, and takes over 12 hours to get there! But whether single or married this trip is a once in a lifetime experience. You won’t even miss shopping (we know that’s hard to believe.)

The only way to get to Antarctica is by ship. Some itineraries include an overnight in either Buenos Aires (read our BA post Dec 27th) or in Santiago, Chile. A modern yet quirky city, Santiago has spectacular scenery (encircled by the snow capped Andes) & bohemian charm. Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego known as the “Land of Fire” is the major jumping off point for Antarctica cruises.



Picking your ship –  Adventurous & brave? Opt for a smaller ship (100 people) like Lindblad, National Geographic Explorer or Clelia II. Heavy on lectures &  zodiac launches, you will set foot on Antarctica. But beware… seas are notoriously rough. Smaller ship = bigger waves! Roller coaster experience helpful! If your image is more romance, dressing for dinner & eating caviar, opt for a mid size ship like Silver Seas or Seaborne Quest, or larger Crystal, Regent or Celebrity Infinity. You will be sipping champagne & playing roulette as the glaciers go by! On a budget? Choose Quark Expedition.

Note: all ships are fully stabilized & come equipped with state of the art navigation systems & technology. Come prepared with seasickness pills, ginger, neck patches & wrist bands. Green is a lovely color but not on your face!

Does being married or single influence Where2Stay? Do you want your hotel hip & modern or do you prefer a quiet and romantic hotel?  Sometimes you might want to “marry” the two. You will see an (married), S (single), or an MS, (married/single) next to each hotel. Call American Express travel to reserve


WHERE2STAY Ushuaia- 

Hotel Lenox – this first boutique hotel to open offers a wood & stone lobby, jacuzzi’s in the room and breathtaking views. (MS)

Where2Stay Santiago, Chile

Grand Hyatt Santiago – Located in the business part of town offering large guest rooms, lagoon like pool and a three story spa. (MS)

Ritz Carlton – With South America being a great “economical” destination, this Ritz is inexpensive by American standards. City views, dine at Arola serving up tapas & DJ’s playing on the terrace. Swim the indoor pool encased with glass to view the city and mountains. (MS)

The Aubrey – Located in the gourmet neighborhood of Bella Vista this intimate hotel was once owned by a major political family. Perfect hideaway (15 rooms w/private terraces) surrounded by gardens; you may not want to leave your poolside chair. (M)

W Santiago – Signature W beds & a Munchies Box already separates the hip W Hotel from any other. Visit the rooftop Red2One Bar, enclosed in floor to ceiling glass windows and dance away at Whiskey Blue, Rande Gerber’s first South American venture. (S)



Where to begin… Imagine hundreds of thousands of penguins, many so close you can touch them (but don’t), six species of seals, nine of whales, birds… it’s a safari of marine life. Take any excursion the ship offers to Punta Arenas, Puerto Madryn & Puerto Montt. Beauty and remoteness.



Ready to “Face it”










Shopping Antarctica 2 Utah

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Whether traveling for holidays, indulging in a romantic escape, or away on business, there are always items that will make your life more comfortable when you travel. It could be as simple as a tote bag, lip gloss, or favorite pair of shoes (so what if the heels sink into the snow!) On our shopping page we will share What 2 Wear along with products to make your life easier when traveling.

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