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Does being married or single influence fashion selection? Can you relax more if married & not chasing your next date, or do you love looking sexy for your husband? Sometimes you might want to “marry” the two. Look for M (married), S (single) or a MS (married/single) next to the fashion looks.




Mary Katrantzou-FF  Giuseppe Zanotti-FFantonio marras- FF  Oscar de la renta- FF

Wear2Where   Step out looking sexy and sophisticated in this Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos.  Slip into an embroidered pencil skirt, coupled with a revealing Oscar De La Renta peplum top. A perfect outfit for that first date at the W Hotel in Barcelona, he wont miss you strolling through the lobby.    (S)



Far Fetch Alexander Mc Queen    cropped top 10702427_3477233_1000    Far fetch Fausto Far Fetch Puglisis San Domenico skirt 10648776_3270086_1000     Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 4.22.41 PM      Far fetch Giuseppe Far Fetch Zanotti Design Oval Clutch 10697178_3515652_400

 Wear2Where   Look Fabulous while sipping a passion fruit martini, in the Eclipse Bar twenty-six floors above Barcelona.  This sweet Fausto Puglisi skirt is made sexy with an Alexander McQueen crop top.  Sure to impress that certain someone.    (M/S)






Farfetch Blue man abstract printed swimsuit 10680533_3387127_400  MSGM-FF  Reed Karakoff -FF                Kendra Scott Necklace- Nordstrom 

Wear2Where   lounge pool side at Sky Bars fabulous roof top in a Blue Man abstract printed swimsuit. Cover up and peruse the boutiques in a MSGM comfy black and yellow cropped track pants. Finish the look with playful accessories like Reed Krakoff’s yellow calf leather mini ‘Atlantic’ tote and a Kendra Scott royal blue statement necklace. (M)




Wear2Where : Introducing Men’s Fashion so now you can look as good as we do. Get packing and match her hot style – who says men can’t dress to impress. Purchasing new fashion is less expensive than a ticket to Spain, so click the images below to begin shopping!


Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.29.56 PM


Wear2Where –  Arrive in style in Barcelona with a classic Saint Laurent tote bag. Dress up in a A.P.C. long sleeve shirt paired with a fitted Dolce & Gabbana black cotton trouser. Color it up in a Calvin Klein sky print t-shirt. Enhance the look with a turquoise/orange geometric pair of Maison Martin Margiela leather high top sneakers.



Co-Authored by Mayra Sanchez & Fiona Tolley




Park City, Utah Get Personal

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The Single One

Single & Solo

Divorced & tossed back into the dating area… Chemistry, connection, fun factor high & great reparte –  all sounds good – somehow it is not enough these days. They all go into the dating abyss. What happens to them? In the speed world of dating… options are endless & fleeting. Your internet persona constantly judged. How many first date outfits do you need to purchase? If everyone continually moves one to the right – what finally happens? Does everyone remain single?


The Married One

Beersheet Israel

The perfect husband…is there such a thing?  You need the same elements as the single girl.  Chemistry, connection, companionship and one other very important thing – patience! Traveling together can be the ultimate test.  Packing, unpacking, undecipherable maps, getting lost, where to eat, what not to eat and most importantly -the ability for him to be patient while I shop! In that respect Ron is the perfect husband!



Get Personal

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The Married One

The Color Purple

“I don’t know how to fix this,” sadly seems to be my battle cry. Our ROKU last night died. I keep up (or try to) on breakthrough tech advances, know unique fashion trends, read the NY Times but feel helpless when something like this happens. Imagine how powerful we would feel if we could finally fix these things? We are certainly intelligent enough! I don’t think it’s a single/married issue. Here’s a revolutionary idea! We need “A Fix It” Company on speed dial. Better yet… we have a “fix it” guy living downstairs.



The Single One

Step it Up

The Single Girl is Stepping out! What do you wear for girls’ night out? You are guaranteed to be noticed if it is tight & short. Thigh high boots don’t hurt either. Basic black never goes out of style & is easily accessorized. The ultimate accessory for the night- girlfriends. They are the real jewels- hard to find and never go out of style. Fashion is full of seasonal trends – close girlfriends endure time. So girlfriend getaways can be like fantastic first dates.