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The Married One

Ready for bed?

Want a way to relieve stress in a marriage? How about a weekend apart? The catch – spend it alone. The ultimate indulgence. Stay up late, see a movie he doesn’t like at four in the afternoon (or stay in your PJ’s watching chick flicks) Have a spa day! Dance around the house drinking martinis! You can do whatever your want. And when he comes home? You will be ready to tackle domestic bliss once again. Just be sure you saved him a martini!


The Single One

Sleek Style

Is it good to date when you are stressed? Perhaps a welcome diversion. Or is it another layer of stress? If we need to bring the “A” game to the dating arena – does it make any sense to date under stress? Don’t we all need affirmation and attention? What a better place to get it than from a date. He tells you you look hot, sexy and how much he loves your personality. (Notice personality was last) So a glass of wine, fantastic date and a few compliments may be the ultimate decompress-et.

Buenos Aires

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Wear2Where   If you can’t figure out what2wear in Buenos Aires start with hot stockings and tango shoes… a great sexy look!


Does being married or single influence fashion selection? Can you relax more if married & not chasing your next date, or do you love looking sexy for your husband? Sometimes you might want to “marry” the two. Look for M (married), S ( Single) or a MS (married/single) next to the fashion looks.




For the late night Argentinian look, wear tight metallic leggings and metallic ankle boots; you can couple it with a color block bag and metallic top. This sexy single girl look would be perfect for a night out in the Blue Hotel SoHo.   (S)






What’s more comfy than slouchy leather leggings? Add a sexy sheer chiffon top or t shirt, wear bright yellow heels for a burst of color. If you really want to look bold, wear a purple dress, yellow heels and add the Lauren Merken Handbag from the top row. Wear this outfit to the Sofitel Hotel for dinner with your husband – his eyes will be on you along with many others that are looking at you.  (M)





Wear any of these pieces together – mix them all up. Wear purple leather pants, add a yellow one shoulder top, and multi colored heels and an exquisite black bag. So chic!!!  Head to the Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau for cocktails and off to hip Sucre for dinner. Dressing to the “9’s” is mandatory!   (MS)



Style It!

Good styling is not about following trends. Yearly fashion shapes, colors and pieces don’t suit everyone. You need to think carefully about your own shape, size and skin tone before purchasing the latest new trend. Trends are a yearly marketing tool. It may look good in the store window but not on you. Stay true to what really works for your body type and you will always be in style.