Tokyo/Kyoto Travel

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Geisha-Kyoto Proceed with Caution A country of contradictions.


Tokyo Japan – From brights light big city, love hotels, outrageous fashion & state of the art electronics merging with temples, gardens and of course the freshest sushi in the world – the Japanese cover all bases! Think polite, punctual, hard working, respectful, super smart, beautiful and lets not forget they know how to party! Head to Tokyo because seeing is believing.  No other city in the world resembles Tokyo.

Kyoto Japan – Exhausted? Need a city break?  No visit to Japan is complete without seeing Kyoto. Take a step back in time. Buddhist temples, shrines, forests, geisha’s, tea ceremonies & traditional Ryokans – will bring out the Zen in you.


Geiko_Kimiha  Slowly walk...


Introducing Flight Courtier – an internationally based travel company that offers First and Business class travel at reduced rates. Arrive in Tokyo refreshed, unwrinkled and ready for business. Tell them Wear2Where sent you!

Flight Courtier


Where2Stay  – Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo – This 5 star classic hotel (Lost in Translation) will fulfill all your fantasies. You might get lucky and share the elevator with Scarlet Johansson! Recharge on the 52nd floor at their NY Bar, listen to jazz, gaze out at the breathtaking view (one of the best in Tokyo). Dine at their NY Grill (grab that window seat). Leave time to explore Shinjuku, where Tokyo’s tallest buildings meets the wildest and largest red-light district. Does that entice you enough???

Sinjuku at Night  Whats your pleasure?

Exhausted? Make a “fast” break for it.  At 360 mph the Shinkansen bullet train will whisk you away to another reality-Kyoto!

Did too much?   Shinkasen

Where2Stay – Featured Hotel KYOTO 

Hoshinoya Ryokan -who knew you would want to sleep on the floor? And pay for the privilege! Disclaimer – I did! Fuse modern luxury w/ tradition at this extraordinary award winning “waterfront” Japanese Inn. Accessible by private boat near Arashiyama, offering 25 river front suites, Japanese styled pajamas, Tabi slippers, a meditation outfit, private gardens and a tea and incense ceremony. Expect futons, not beds.  It’s all part of the experience. Do not miss their multi course Japanese breakfast prepared and created in your room w/ complete cooking table (don’t even think of attempting this at home!)

Hoshinoya Kyoto by night Arriving Hoshinoya by boatHoshinoya Suite Dinner courses at hoshinoya

 Where2Eat- Featured Restaurant – Hoshinoya Kyoto

What is better than a private dining room?  Behind closed doors anything can happen-  don’t ask – don’t tell! Here you will experience the “essense” of Kyoto’s kaiseki culinary tradition. Nine courses, fused with French accents.  Awarded one Michelin star!  And worth it!


Fushimi-inari Gates A glimpse of Zen

Golden Temple Kyoto bamboo-groves-of-arashiyama-kyoto-japan


Known as the “cultural heart” of Japan, Kyoto, once the capital, now one of the best preserved historical cities in Japan. Chose among 1600 temples (Gold & Silver a must) 400 Shrines, Imperial Palace, Moss Garden (advanced reservations from the U.S. required), Bamboo Grove and the stunning endless orange gates of the Fushimi Inari shrine.

Too much Zen? Go shopping in Shijo-Dori Daimaru and Takashimaya Department stores where you will find unique Japanese cutting edge designers unknown in the U.S. Don’t speak Japanese? English translators will help you shop! All purchases wrapped as gifts and they even refund your taxes! Need to re-energize? Hit the food emporiums in the basement.  Puts Harrods to shame! And don’t miss Niashiki Fish Market.  And the main reason to visit Japan right now… Cherry Blossom Season



Rooftop Bars Travel

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Sky Bar at Sirocco    Bangkok Sirocco Style  (Courtesy of Google Images)

As the world’s highest open-air bar, Lebua Hotel’s Sky Bar in Bangkok exhibits some serious attitude with gasp-worthy altitude. Up on the 63rd floor and paired with the highest al fresco restaurant in the world, Sirocco, Sky Bar combines live jazz with cocktails. The gorgeous bar changes colors over the course of the evening, making this the “highlight” of your trip. Put on a showstopping travel outfit. Just don’t look down. Ideal for a first date!



Las Vegas - Dinner in the Sky    Las Vegas - Dinner in the Sky (Courtesy of Google Images)

Getting “high” in Vegas, you’ll be soaring while they’re searing. Dinner in the Sky features two tables that each seat 22 diners, “Sky Chefs,” a Maître d’, a master mixologist, a three course meals w/ wine pairings. A steel tower will hoist you 200 feet into the air (it’s a long way down to the restroom!) where you can soak in amazing views of the Strip, Red Rock Canyon and other surrounding areas. An ideal weekend getaway. Make sure to strap on your red cuff heel by Paul Andrew tightly so you won’t lose it!



Dubai - Burj Al Arab    Have Bar-Will Travel- Dubai

The rooftop view with all the luxuries of being indoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for the most spectacular view of Dubai’s coastline at the Sky View Bar in the iconic Burj Al Arab. The bar itself is brought straight to your table where mixologists cultivate their creative signature cocktails. Customization is a popular option. Create your own drink, name it and they’ll add it to their menu. Ours was Thai Twist. Don’t forget to dress in your best travel clothing to add to the unforgettable romantic vacation.



Hot Tub or Cinema Bar? London!    London - Radio Rooftop  (Courtesy of Google Images)

Are you at the movies? Are you in a hot tub? Are you in a bar? You’re in all three! Films, popcorn and your cutest swimsuit will be the stars at London’s most unique rooftop experience, Hot Tub Cinema. This new spin on the classic pool party will be this summer’s hottest hangout for a singles’ vacation.

If you prefer to stay dry while across the pond check out ME London Hotel’s Radio Rooftop Bar. Named after BBC’s former home, the Marconi House, this wrap-around rooftop bar is the only one of its kind in the Strand and Aldwych area with amazing 180-degree panoramic views of everything from Tower Bridge to the Shard to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sit in a cabana or by the terrace in your hottest travel outfit and get “On Top of ME” with their signature drink.


Co-authored by: Tiffany Do

Swimming Pools Travel

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Intercontinental Dubai    Intercontinental-Dubai-

InterContinental Dubai

You’ll want to wear your best swimsuit when you go off the deep end at this transparent pool in Dubai. The curved, plexiglass pool extends from the hotel allowing swimmers to peer out into the city area and people passing by to look up, making for a thrilling show-and-tell. Put on your most glamorous travel clothes for a romantic getaway for couples or singles at the Michelin rated Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire for a night you won’t forget. (MS)


Daytime at Intercontinental Hongkong    Night Time at Intercontinental Hong Kong

InterContinental Hong Kong

On the Kowloon side sits one of the world’s hottest infinity pools that appears to be spilling out into Victoria Harbour. The spectacular view of the Hong Kong skyline will leave you speechless during your romantic getaway. Both the pool and jacuzzi are lined with LED candles at night to match the city’s glow. You won’t need your usual travel wear here, just a party dress and blue open-toe pump by Chrissie Morris(MS)


Haymarket London    Haymarket London

Haymarket Hotel London

Down under in London. With their dramatic lighting and long pewter bar, this indoor pool exhibits the hippest vibe from across the pond. Commonly used for glamorous parties and film premieres, you’ll definitely feel like a star here at this romantic hotel. Save your most elegant travel outfit to make a splash at this pool! (MS)


Marina-Sands-Siingapore-300x204   Marina-Bay-Sands-Singaporejpg-300x222 (Courtesy of Google Images)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Voted one of the world’s best rooftop pools by the Huffington Post, this breathtaking infinity pool is not for the faint-of-heart. 57 stories high, the Sands Sky Park sits on top of the hotel connected by three towers offering the best view of Singapore. Don’t forget to indulge yourself at their equally exciting Chocolate Bar on the rooftop because a girl always needs her chocolate! (MS)



What2Bring to the pool?  Check out our “must haves” for traveling in comfort & chic poolside accessories. We even included an animal beach towel for added attention!


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Co-authored by: Tiffany Do