How do you spend over $30,000 a day?

Head to Singapore, the new Monte Carlo. Smoky temples merge into
modern skyscrapers and fashion malls…

How do you spend over $15,000 a day?

“Head” to Singapore, the new Monte Carlo. Smoky temples merge into modern skyscrapers, hawker food stalls & fashion malls woven with underground passages & tunnels. You never have to stop shopping. Boasting the largest Louis Vuitton Store in the world (take their private boat.) Want a steamy nightlife? You just found it. Singapore fused with more millionaires per capita.


The 5 star Marina Bay Sands Hotel redefines luxury. The second most expensive building in the world build at a cost of 5.5 billion! Gaze over Singapore from your 6000 sq. ft. Chairman Suite w/2 living rooms, 4 bedrooms, a private exercise & media game room. Debut your Gucci bikini at their 2.5-acre rooftop infinity pool (the world’s largest.) Spanning three 55 story hotel towers on the 57th floor, it is an architectural marvel. Want to swim there? Need to stay there. Only $17,000 a night


Restaurant Andre, voted the 5th best restaurant in Singapore, # 37 in the world! That alone is worth the plane ride! Serving a multi-course feast in a private terraced house in Chinatown, an exploratory journey in the mind of the chef. Taiwanese born, French trained – only 30 seats, book now!


What is decked out in crocodile, ostrich & zebra? Pangaea, the most exclusive & highest money making club in the world! Located in the Crystal Pavilion at the Marina Bay Sands (obviously you never need to leave.) 20,000 individual colored bulbs descending from the ceiling creates its sexy vibe! Mingle with Kate, Paul & Cindy (Moss, McCartney & Crawford) Tableside service minimum – a mere $1,500 to $15,000. If that isn’t enough to impress, order their signature $26,000 drink – diamond included.


Where else can you wear 7inch stilettos? High style meets sky-high prices. Get on track with the Formula 1 Grand Prix Sept.18 -20 featuring Pharrell Williams & Maroon 5. Don’t want to leave? Buy a house on ultra-exclusive Paterson Hill only $60,000 per square metre. Or just look stylish in The Graff Diamonds’ Hallucination Watch with a cost of $ 55 million. No you are not hallucinating!

Voulez-Vous Jouez?

Want to be seduced? Head to Cannes the hedonistic adult playground for the rich and famous. Ocean views, string bikinis, and the ultimate people watching will make you feel like a rock star! What else do you need?


Be a movie mogul. Reserve the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Martinez. For a mere $18,812, this 5 star suite offers the perfect view from your private 2000 sq. ft. rooftop terrace. Head to Zplage, the hotel’s private beach on Boulevard de la Croisette, then dine at the only 2-star Michelin Restaurant in Cannes, La Palme d’ Or. Do you need anymore?


What would you do if marooned on a desert island? Drink champagne of course! Head to Restaurant La Tonelle located on the private island of Saint Honorat 15 minutes from Cannes. Board a private boat, dine under olive tree trellises, as you taste Abbey of Lerins locally produced wines. Can you think of a better place to have lunch? Being marooned should only feel this good!


Where do you party with the French Elite? Le Bâoli. It’s the most lavish nightclub in Cannes – if you can get past the pistol-packing bodyguards. Located in the Golden Square of Cannes. Sit amidst the chic crowd of yacht hopping billionaires. If you’re counting euros, you’re in the wrong place.


Cannes Fashion Festival (May 20-22)
Where do you find film stars and glamorous fashionistas? The Cannes Fashion Festival,
a fashion event taking place across from the Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet! Global designers, global runways and emerging designers will attract your favorite film stars. Pull out 5 -inch heels, a glittery fitted dress and head to stunning runway shows, glamorous parties, designer competitions with backstage interviews and Global Fashion Awards. Celebrate emerging fashion in the South of France. Then jump on a yacht and party on!

Head to the fashion powerhouse of Europe! All about fashion, followed by the # 2 industry – banking. Those medieval narrow streets you dream about in Italy? Not Milan! The Roman ruins – not Milan. Milan is all about looking good and playing hard!


Boscolo Exedra Milano: This 5 star Art Deco hotel perfect location with high profiles clientele. You’re in the vortex of the best shopping street in the world, Via Montenapoleone. Roll from bed into Prada! Sip cocktails from their rooftop terrace, gaze at the awe-inspiring Duomo. Do not miss their “space age” spa, the largest in Milan. Technicolor sphere-like bubbles adorn the ceiling creating an optical illusion (or is it all the champagne you drank?) Open till midnight – a perfect place for that late night rendezvous!


Eda – Be a savvy-insider dining at this industrial warehouse in a palazzo courtyard. Feel like a model on a catwalk as you strut through the sexy dark interior. An eclectic interior with stuffed animals, plaid sofas and a circular bar, recline on one of three long steps to dine. Beautiful young wait staff. Live DJ on weekends. Dress the part!


Relaxation and glamour come together in the fashionable Dolce Gabbana Bar Martini next door to the boutique. What’s better than shopping and drinking? Perhaps alternating the 2. Dolce & Gabbana now takes their passion for luxury to the nightlife game. After a few cocktails the outfit you have on hold just became reasonable.


Sept 17-23 Milan Fashion Week for Women, Spring/ Summer fashion with the top Italian designers and emerging talent.

Want to look hot in Milan? Killer shoes = killer guys. Giannico – Italy’s 19 year-old designer highlights shoe style with ultra creative flair. Lace up boots, velvet shoes, furry shoes & embossed looks… all add sex appeal. Want to meet Italian men? Start with fabulous footwear and let them work their way to the top.

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