Chicago Fashion

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Chicago Fashion – Top to Bottom

Fashion Collage Chicago Elegance Blue Hues

Stay High in Style… Layers, layers & layers. Masked under billowing fur coats and hats are Chicago’s most elegantly dressed. Freezing temperatures means more fashion latitude!

Top Hat Color Pin Wheel Head to Pink Rose

“Head”out in Chicago – Take cover – it’s cold outside. Step out in bold over-sized hats. Stay warm, look cool. Uncover by the fire and reveal a sheer multi textured  top.

Swipe right – it’s a holiday match. A pop of color and you will shine for New Years at the Trump Hotel.

Leg up On Fashion   Drama Dress Undercover

Are you a leg man?  Opaque stripped stockings and a white button down shirt will carry into late night. Add a black skirt, furry boots, and top it off with a red fur hat. Look stylish from head to toe.


Do you want unique hidden shops? Items that no one else has?

Ikram – Ignore the security guards, be prepared for sticker price shock & focus on the vogue look & high styled unique designers

Sprinkles ATM Cupcake! How can you keep shopping without nutrition?

Vintage Underground – One of a kind jewelry. Perhaps a teal blue ring watch that tells real time. It’s always time to shop.

Luxury Garage – High-end designer vintage boutique. Designer shoes, accessories & couture fashion. Two locations – Old Town & a pop up at 900 North Michigan  You’ll need all day to shop there! Sales are final.

Space 519 –Located at 900 North Michigan – Men’s & women’s fashion & accessories. Primarily local Chicago and European designers. Coveting the huge gold ball necklace there.

Nakamol Chicago – Jam packed bling store. Unique pieces of big statement jewelry. The jewelry is featured in major department stores – an opportunity to go right to the source.

Fashion Event – Transworld’s Jewelry & Accessory & Fashion Show for buyers & sellers – February 18 -21. You need to sell more than you buy!