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The Single One

Keep It Crossed!

Keep it crossed. Just clench and release. Kegel exercises to warm up those muscles, with or without tools. No need to count sets or seconds. Kegel Balls, will not only work you out, but work you up. They increase sexual stimulation and no one can tell you’re using them… burn calories, keep tight, strengthen muscle tone. What we do to stay fit.



The Married One

Can I have another?

Night out with the single girl… what are the rules? No bar seats, no strange men joining you, can’t be left alone, & will not babysit! Sit at a communal table – god forbid its a table for 2!¬† Monitor her alcohol consumption. Problem with going out with the single girl? Not remembering the ride home, husband inquiring “Are you drunk?” and waking up at 3 AM w/ a silky¬†bathrobe around my neck. Who’s taking care of whom?