Paris Fashion Week

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Wear2Where… Paris 

Where do you take tuille, beaded dress, fur boots, exotic heels and bags? Paris, of course. Need an outfit to make your way from day to night in any fashionable  city… We thought about perfect pieces to pack for versatility and fashionable nights. After all, you can’t pack too much. Need room for new purchases.

Street Fashion

Street Glamour everywhere! Noticed lots of layering. Crisp white blouses under short cropped sweaters, fur embellishments on coats, cuffs & jackets.  Fur hats, loose neck ties & bright colored heels, blue, orange & red abound. Lots of platforms and very high heels.

Fashion Week

Fashion Show Glamour: The Ungaro Show emphasized clean, simple lines for resort. Lots of blue and orange caged booties with summery looking dresses. Now all we need is a tan.


A jolt of reality when the bills come in and you forgot to add the exchange rate into the equation. But, of course, it’s Paris. Fashion first, reality second.