Contemporary Istanbul

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Istanbul Dancers  Perching over Istanbul


After touring the historic Old City, get ready to party all night and shop all day in modern day Istanbul. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a singles’ vacation, take the city by storm in your chicest travel outfits. Peruse the many nightclubs and bars as well as chic, cutting edge restaurants. Influences from the East and the West are present wherever you’ll go.


Cezayir Sokagi Istanbul  streetartnews_inti_istanbul-2


Cruise up the Bosphorus from the Golden Horn to the Black Sea with Europe on your left, Asia on your right. Explore Beyoglu, nightlife central. Climb the steep hills of Cihangir (San Franciscans should have no problem) and immerse yourself in the community of artists and writers. Wear you fur beret to blend in. For more art, try the Istanbul Modern museum. Take a romantic vacation within a vacation and go to Fransiz Sokagi (aka French Street) and feel like you’re walking the streets of Paris amidst the pink buildings.


Istanbul Modern  Istanbul Modern


Does being married or single influence Where2Stay? Do you want your hotel hip & modern (perfect for singles (S)) or quiet & elegant (perfect for married (M))?  Sometimes you want to “marry” the two (MS).


The House Hotel – In Nisantasi or Ortakoy, the epitome of modern design. Recommended by Vogue, small, very cool, you feel as though you’re at a private party. (S)

Park Hyatt – Nestled amidst the best shopping. Modern, leather accented rooms, Turkish hamam (call for your own personal bathmaster) and end the day perched at their rooftop pool sipping cocktails for the perfect romantic getaway. (M)

Shangri-La – Newly opened and by the Bosphorus. Great restaurant paired with amazing view. There is nothing more romantic than a room by the sea. Perfect for an all inclusive honeymoon. How about fur ankle shoes to show him how sexy you can be? (MS)



Waterside nightclubs like Angelique stay open until dawn, perfect for the single’s vacation. 360 doubles as both a restaurant and a hot club. All things Middle Eastern, from food to harem design, Al Jamal not only offers a gorgeous view of the Bosphorus, but enticing belly dancers (maybe get some ideas for later that night). Billionaire Nightclub located in the new EDITION Hotel is adorned with crystal, gold and a very chic crowd just like your purse – great for a single girl’s night out.


Billionaire Club Istanbul   360 Istanbul


Head to Zuma for Japanese (other locations in London, Hong Kong, Dubai and Miami), or 360 Istanbul for fusion (order the Sultan’s Aphrodisiac, who knows what will happen next?) Award-winning Changa is neither on the water or on a rooftop, but in an art nouveau building. It combines classic & modern food w/ an open interactive kitchen. For more authentic cuisine head to Alem.

Istanbul Skyline at Dusk  Dining Magic in Istanbul


Nisantasi is the trendiest shopping area – a posh residential district infused with cafes, restaurants and historical buildings. Don’t miss Abdi Ipekci Avenue for all the  luxury brands and local designers. Atil Kutogna is a boutique that mixes bold Turkish & Ottoman patterns with modern European influences. Men & Women! Vakko is Turkey’s answer to Barneys’ New York. Five floors of their own designs, scarves that rival Hermes, & unique custom handbags all at unbeatable prices. Indulge in their own line of chocolates & champagne while shopping. Cocktails always enhance shopping.


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Istanbul Travel – Part 1

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Spice Bazaar Gold Rush istanbul  grand-bazaar-istanbul-5

Istanbul – Why Go Now?

Inhale the aromas of the Spice Market, drape yourself in gold at the Grand Bazaar, get lost among churches, mosques and cobblestone streets. Whether on a romantic couple’s vacation or a singles’ getaway, historic Istanbul is the place to be for a fall getaway.


Galata Bridge - Istanbul  Istanbul Signs  Istanbul-Bospherus-Strait-Traffic-300x145



Sultanahmet is spewing with historical ruins (some turned into museums, others turned into hotels) from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. The Hagia Sofia, once a church, then a mosque, now a museum is a must. Don’t forget your scarf, modesty is key. Movie buffs may remember the Underground Basilica Cisterns from James Bond, “From Russia with Love.” Don’t miss the magnificent mosaics in the Blue Mosque, nor the jewels at the Topkapi Museum. Finish the day at Suleymaniye Hamam, a traditional Turkish bathhouse (best part? clothing optional & it’s co-ed!) You don’t have to worry about what2wear on a first date!


istanbul  Hagia-Sophia-in-Istanbul-Turkey Whirling Dervishes


Does being married or single influence Where2Stay? Do you want your hotel hip & modern (perfect for singles (S)) or quiet & elegant (perfect for married (M))?  Sometimes you want to “marry” the two (MS).


Four Seasons Sultanahmet  What can be more exciting than staying in what used to be a Turkish prison? ( Maybe they left a pair of handcuffs!) Major landmarks five minutes away, whirling dervishes on the roof  & great service; don’t forget your travel clothes for a day of unforgettable sightseeing! (MS)

Ajia – Located on the Bosphorus, this old Ottoman Mansion will give you an authentic twist to your stay in the Old City. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or vacationing with the girlfriends, Ajia will cater to your every need. Wake up to a Turkish breakfast and explore the city via their private water taxi. (MS)

Kempinski Ciragan Palace – Feel like royalty at this opulent hotel complete with an infinity pool spilling onto the Sea of Marmara. Splurge on a Palace suite because who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? An ultimate romantic getaway !(M)


ciragan palace  Cisterns - Istanbul Four-Seasons-Hotel-Istanbul



For seafood, head to Balikcisi Sabahtin. Dine in style at Korfez. Their private yacht will wisk you across the Bosphorus into Asia, champagne glass in hand, to their seaside villa (honeymooners JFK Jr. & Caroline dined here.) Wear your most elegant travel outfit by Julia Panciroli for this night. Dine high at Mikla on the roof of the Marama Pena Hotel. Think NYC or London when dining at Asitane mixing Ottoman cuisine w/ modern influences. For true flavor head to Navizade St to Alem, a traditional Meyhane Turkish restaurant, for music, mezes; a true  immersion into street life, perfect on a couples vacation. Google Images



If you want to party all night, head to 360 Bar for drinks, music and more. From Japanese to French, Reina is a regular hotspot for Turkish celebrities and media. Perfect for the single’s vacation. If you’re looking for something more low-key & traditional, try Karga Bar. With a vintage speakeasy feel, it’s no wonder all the cool locals flock there. Courtesy of Google Images


Play in Reina  Istanbul_Karga_Bar_by_altiparmak Sunset Restaurant



Need some spice in your life? Sift through the hundreds of spices from cinnamon to allspice at the Spice Market. Might just clear you sinus problems. Be the first to rock the leather designs of upcoming Turkish designer Simay Bulbul.  How can you forget the covered Grand Bazaar, with over 5000 shops  spread over 60 streets?  It’s easy to fill your Michael Kors tote with all the sparkle you find. (*tip visit #94-96, ask for Michele)




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Rooftop Bars Travel

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Sky Bar at Sirocco    Bangkok Sirocco Style  (Courtesy of Google Images)

As the world’s highest open-air bar, Lebua Hotel’s Sky Bar in Bangkok exhibits some serious attitude with gasp-worthy altitude. Up on the 63rd floor and paired with the highest al fresco restaurant in the world, Sirocco, Sky Bar combines live jazz with cocktails. The gorgeous bar changes colors over the course of the evening, making this the “highlight” of your trip. Put on a showstopping travel outfit. Just don’t look down. Ideal for a first date!



Las Vegas - Dinner in the Sky    Las Vegas - Dinner in the Sky (Courtesy of Google Images)

Getting “high” in Vegas, you’ll be soaring while they’re searing. Dinner in the Sky features two tables that each seat 22 diners, “Sky Chefs,” a Maître d’, a master mixologist, a three course meals w/ wine pairings. A steel tower will hoist you 200 feet into the air (it’s a long way down to the restroom!) where you can soak in amazing views of the Strip, Red Rock Canyon and other surrounding areas. An ideal weekend getaway. Make sure to strap on your red cuff heel by Paul Andrew tightly so you won’t lose it!



Dubai - Burj Al Arab    Have Bar-Will Travel- Dubai

The rooftop view with all the luxuries of being indoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for the most spectacular view of Dubai’s coastline at the Sky View Bar in the iconic Burj Al Arab. The bar itself is brought straight to your table where mixologists cultivate their creative signature cocktails. Customization is a popular option. Create your own drink, name it and they’ll add it to their menu. Ours was Thai Twist. Don’t forget to dress in your best travel clothing to add to the unforgettable romantic vacation.



Hot Tub or Cinema Bar? London!    London - Radio Rooftop  (Courtesy of Google Images)

Are you at the movies? Are you in a hot tub? Are you in a bar? You’re in all three! Films, popcorn and your cutest swimsuit will be the stars at London’s most unique rooftop experience, Hot Tub Cinema. This new spin on the classic pool party will be this summer’s hottest hangout for a singles’ vacation.

If you prefer to stay dry while across the pond check out ME London Hotel’s Radio Rooftop Bar. Named after BBC’s former home, the Marconi House, this wrap-around rooftop bar is the only one of its kind in the Strand and Aldwych area with amazing 180-degree panoramic views of everything from Tower Bridge to the Shard to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sit in a cabana or by the terrace in your hottest travel outfit and get “On Top of ME” with their signature drink.


Co-authored by: Tiffany Do