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Are there “good” shoes or “bad ones?” In this case they might mean the same thing. Shoes can instantly change your image, your outfit, possibly even your life. As Bette Midler once said, “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” We can’t all be like “Carrie” who would gladly sacrifice her Fendi Baguette or jewels to keep her Manolo’s safe, but if you find yourself in one of the cities below you can visit amazing shoe museums!

Does being married or single influence Where2Stay? Location, cost, size & child friendly all play a part. Do you want your hotel, hip & modern with sexy dark lounges, a DJ spinning “singles” on the roof? Or do you prefer a quiet, elegant & romantic hotel? Sometimes you might want to “marry” the two which is the hardest to find. You will see an (married), S (single), or an MS, (married/single) next to each hotel. *BUT since all these vibrant cities offer much to do the hotels below are perfect whether you are married or single .

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Where2Stay – First Stop Manila, Philippines

Makati ShangriLa puts you in the perfect location for business, shopping and entertainment. Service is unparalleled. (MS)

Hotel H2O – Located on an archipelago, 30 minutes away from downtown, book an aquarium walled room where you are sleeping w/fish (MS)


 Marika Shoe Museum in Manila, PhilippinesThe queen of excess, Imelda Marcos couldn’t take all her shoes into exile. Lucky for us for on view is 749 pairs of her shoes! That’s a big closet!


Where2Stay – Brussels, Belgium

Sofitel, Brussels – It is #1 for a reason. Excellent service, perfect location, remodeled rooms, your wish is their command. (MS)

Hotel Welcome – Completely innovative, think Country Inn in the city. Each room- completely themed – choose Kenya, Bali, Tibet. All fabulous. (MS)


Sons Museum in Kruishoutem, Belgium. Outside Brussels, partially owned by a Belgium shoemaker couple. This museum houses over 1200 pairs of their personal collection. Highlighting cultural differences in shoes, w/ major works of art. The building itself is worth a visit. So is the chocolate!



Photo :                                                     Photo:

Where2Stay – Toronto, Canada

Trump International Hotel – this glass & steel luxury hotel has it all from leopard headboards, huge rooms, Frette sheets, indoor pool & 18,00 sq.ft. spa to soak your aching feet. Located in the financial district of Toronto – your guy can keep happily busy. Or if single, find one there! (MS)

Park Hyatt Toronto – Located in the Yorkville area, surrounded by high end shopping & trendy restaurants. Rooftop bar, an oasis of calm. (MS)


 Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto, Canada- the world’s largest shoe museum. Over 10,000 pair of shoes w/ an ever changing exhibit comprising four galleries. Emphasizing style & culture from Chinese bound shoes to platforms. Even an arts/crafts area for the kids. You’re never too young for shoes!




Where2Stay – Philadelphia, Pa

Hotel Palomar – Friendly & uber cool with a statue of ” Ben” greeting you at the door. Hotel corners the market on style. We say any hotel that supplies leopard robes in the room and free wine cocktail hour at 5 is our kind of place! (MS)

Rittenhouse 1715 – Intimate & romantic, European style boutique hotel w/23 rooms is classic yet cosmopolitan. Enjoy VIP service. (MS)


TUSPM Shoe Museum in Philadelphia just happens to be located in Temple University, in their school of Podiatric Medicine! What better place to analyze ” Why People Wear Shoes?” The course of study. We can tell them why – our outfit would be lost without them! (how else can we appear taller?) View the 950 pair collection by appointment only. Interesting factoid they discovered – women have 4x as many problems w/ their feet as men. Really? Shocking!



* Life it too short to wear tight shoes… but no pain, no gain!

Israel: Milk & Honey

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Tel Aviv:  Let’s party down! How a city responds to danger and invasion for thousands of years. Pretty girls harnessed with automatic weapons are standing next to bars, clubs, & waterfront restaurants.

High Tech Head to Toe

Tel Aviv: A Mediterranean beach town resembling Miami Beach. The diamond cutting center of the world co- exists with art galleries and small narrow streets. High fashion and matzah merge seamlessly in ancient Jaffa.

Tel Aviv – Wear2Where Shopping

 Holy Fashion

  • He Beiyar- from local to European, high-end shopping area
  • Basel Street– small & narrow, trendy stores and hip cafes
  • Shenkin Street–  Greenwich Village in feeling
  • Gan HaHashmal– urban street chic
  •  North Dizengoff- so cool so hip

 Yosef Peretz ( see Youtube video above) one of the 10 leading Israeli designers.

 Great Leg

 Enthusiastic Male Shoppers!

Wear2Where Dining

  • Mul-Yam-only Michelin Star Restaurant in Israel 
  • Manata Ray-amazing seafood with views to match
  • Comme IL Faux-trendy fusion
  • Gilli-local seafood, right on the boardwalk    


Jerusalem: only an hour away but center of the Universe. In the presence of the old city with its four divided sections, the Wailing Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock and Davids Tomb. Clearly, a cultual experience  not a superficial shopping experience.

Men and  women pray in different sections of the wall, so sorry Sandy. Putting your wishes in the wall is sort of like an ancient E Harmony. Security  everywhere but who knew fire power could be this cute!

Military in Action

Stay at the David Citadel and book a view room of the old city. Dine at the hotel on Thursday night where famed Chef Eric Attias serves his lavish ” Chefs Special Night” buffet or at chef owner’s Eucalyptus Restaurant, famous for his re- invented traditional techniques using local spices and herbs.

Haifa– SF sister city on the Med built on hills surrounded by water, and nearby wine country feels oddly at home. Ancient ruins, and the Golan Heights as  backdrop, clearly not SF.

From the Dead to the Red to the Med I have Sea-n-Eilat

Life is tenuous. No timeline, No guarantees, No fairness. We are choosing to live it with hope, compassion, and a deep appreciation for humor.




Dubai: Sheik Chic

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How Chic is too Chic? Sexy, Sophisticated & Extravagant. Gold infused high rise buildings surrounded by an endless series of sand dunes. Dubai A true land of contrasts. Desert safaris, Arabian adventures, dune bashing, just like a James Bond Movie. Barb is our new Bond Girl!! Imagine climbing into 4 wheel vehicles, engines revving, flying up and down dunes ending with a crimson sunset. What awaits you ultimately is an Arabian feast. I think it would look similar to having dinner at Sandy’s house. Imagine lying on low couches, in the middle of the desert, a blackened sky & smoking a hookah.  A henna tattoo completes the picture. How very sexy. What should I do to my body before you return? ( A new fashion accessory for us) Definitely less expensive than a new purse.


The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, ascend 124 stories instantly  Actually that’s all it takes. Views are astoundiing. I think it looks like LA. 

A birthday clebration for RW. Started at the 360 Bar, at the end of a long pier of the Jumperiah Beach Hotel. Climb the stairs, sit outside on white couches with views of the Burj al Arab directly in front of you. Followed by The Burj al Arab & private tour of the presidental suite (3500 sq feet). Just like camping.

Barb was hoping for a pirate adventure. Perhaps it’s the one eyed pirate patch that’s alluring. Pirate ships were sighted from her cruise ship. I”m actually wondering how how many cocktails you had. Once you actually hit the open seas and are “cruisin” what do you wear to look chic?

Dress by Alexander McQueen always works!

Cruise Attire a mystery. Barb packs everything in her closet just in case and tells me how well everything rolls into a ball. What you wear of course depends on where you go. You might not need bathing suits in the Antartic (unless with heels for an indoor look) but there are some basic wear2where rules.


  • Clothes to just hang around your room. Baggy, soft, buy a size larger
  • Workout attire – Only Barb works out, I circle the buffet line eating mashed potatoes.  LuLuLemon, Stella McCartney for workout
  • Clothes & shoes for excursions: climbing pyramids, walking ancient ruins you l get dirty, sweaty & spill. Wash and dry required. Is that even a fabric?
  • Shoes- forget fashion, go for comfort. This would be the dealbreaker for me. Everyone else will be wearing those same Teva  Sandels or sneakers.
  • Nightime: The hardest to pack. What is the defintion of formal nights?  Means anything goes. Bring a strapless cocktail dress, short. Black cashmere dress & glittery belt are another nightime option. People will wear long but why? It’s not the high school prom. For men they recommend a tux (are you kidding!) bring a dark suit & tie.    
  • Shoes for night- Heels how high can you go while taking Dramamine!
  • Informal – less dressy – Chic dress to accessorize or pants & sparkly top.
  • Casual attire no torn or faded jeans, flip flops or t-shirts. Sounds like a school dress code. Capris, tight tops, strappy sandals, cashmere wrap
  • Sexy lingerie- you are on vacation go for it! 


I’d Cruise Around in This

Head up to the Sky Bar (reservation’s required) Shyan; master mixologist will create a cocktail to your order from his moveable cart of endless ingredients. Barb’s “Thai Twist” involved passion fruit, pineapple, lime juice & leaves, vodka and flaming rosemary sprigs. If you want the Barb special potion request it in the comment section and she will send you the recipe. I don’t have any recipes so don’t ask me!

Thai It On!
Bond Girl Come Back!

A girl must eat so it’s off to the new Armani Hotel to dine in their fashionable Italian Restaurant. Just like Armani’s clothing everything is understated and elegant. All designed by Mr. Armani himself, silverware, dishes, & décor. What’s better than food & fashion? Starts with an S ends with X.

Krizia silk satin roushed gown

Clearly this photo has nothing to do with Dubai – but I just learned to edit photos so wear2where can go to a whole new level. I can now remove any unliked body part. If you want my latest photo tips happy to share!!!