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Get Personal

The Single & Married Ones


Malibu Style  Statuesque!    Leg up on Fashion

Wear Girls Getaway! Of course it’s Malibu. Short skirts, heels, cocktails and exposed legs. What else can we say?

Get Personal

Get Personal


The Single One

Back it up!

Single and Exhausted! they test you, they judge you, they mistreat you. Can you tell what kind of week I am having? They challenge you from every direction – including directions to an unknown destination – perhaps they are secretly hoping to lose you at the end of a deserted road. Why do they bother? Is is merely an endurance test? If this is the starting point – where is this going? Perhaps it is time for the dating break!


The Married One

Fashionable Art

My married life is just too happy. It is actually pissing Sandy off! Maybe Ron should take on 2 wives and make her happy? It’s every man’s fantasy, isn’t it? Nothing is perfect or ever stays the same. Next week I could be in front of the TV set and Sandy is jetting off to Zurich! Then who would be happy and who would be pissed?


The Cavalier – San Francisco

Red Hot Dining  Calalier Fsh and Chips at Calalier Hot Spot in SF-Cavalier

What also makes us happy?  Whether traveling single or on a romantic getaway we all want great food, potent cocktails, buzzing atmosphere and gracious servers. Head over the SF newest hotspot The Cavalier serving English Pub food California style. A great bar, three unique dining spaces, a private members only club and the best french fries in town all create a perfect experience.  What to wear? Check out our fashion tips on Wear2Where. Along with Marlowe and Park Tavern, The Cavalier completes a perfect trifecta!

Get Personal

Get Personal


The Single & Married Girl – Day Time Play

Wear Girls at America's Cup   US rocks It   How can you not root for these guys?

Single or Married it’s a day on the Bay!!!  America’s Cup! Don’t they looked good? We are talking about the New Zealand & US guys. Do you follow the guys or the boats? Ok – both. Is it the European & Australian accents, weathered & buffed looks or the charming boyish smiles that are compelling? Who knew so much physicality went into sailing? No wonder they look like that. An exciting day – Oracle pulled it out! And today back for another round. A day where single and married intersect but we definitely don’t want to see the boats doing the same thing!


 St Regis Night Time Play


Step Inside  St Regis  Suggle Up

After a day of excitement where do you go?  The St. Regis Hotel and Residences of course!  Sexy decor, provocative lighting, a fireplace to snuggle up to (with a possible stranger?) and stellar bartenders!  A perfect home away from home.  And who knows…after all it is a hotel!!!


image_6  st. Regis Hotel, San Francisco  IMG_3141image_1  IMG_3139  IMG_3144


Wear2Where    Unnwind after a long day of work at Vitrine Restaurant in the St Regis Hotel. Business chic was the look of the evening. Residents enjoyed sipping Gargiulo’s finest boutique wine. An incredible winery that produces  approximately 900 cases annually. The evening featured chef Paul Piscopo’s new menu. Soothing tunes by jazz guitarist Travis Johnson were the perfect backdrop for the evening. Creamy scrumptious cupcakes from Cup and Cake at Pier 39 satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth that night. Follow Wear2Where for more on travel and fashion.