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Whether traveling for holidays, indulging in a romantic escape, or away on business, there are always items that will make your life more comfortable when you travel. It could be as simple as a tote bag, lip gloss, or favorite pair of shoes (so what if the heels sink into the snow!) On our shopping page we will share What 2 Wear along with products to make your life easier when traveling.

Best Finds:


Brings you up and down                                      Moroccan Argan Oil – a miracle in a bottle



Perfect for snuggling on plane                                      We are all Glamorous



Good Wine is Hard to Find                                   Listen while “Watching” it…


                   The Next Generation of  Nano IPods

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Are you lost? Are you always standing on the corner with your map upside down? Can’t speak the language and don’t know what anything costs? Use the Wear Girls smart travel apps for navigating your destination.

 Or you could ask her?

  • All Subways HD: $.99. Most important city subway maps conveniently located in one place. Best part: No internet connection required. View schedules & fares. Why are subways so much more fun in another country?
  • I-Translate Free. No need to wear your fingers out typing, with voice recognition you translate words or phrases into 50 different languages. Also can talk back to you in 23 languages. 
  • Babble Fish $.99. A favorite website now app. Is that because RW says I babble a lot? Can translate any word/phrase from one language to another.  

 So you don’t order this!

  • JiWire Free WiFi Finder has the ability to search for any public Wi-Fi connection anywhere. No need for internet connection – search for FREE or paid WiFi. No excuse for not staying in touch.
  • SitOrSquat Free. When my only choice was crouching over a hole in Beijing I wish I knew about this app. It’s the “portable way to find a potty” based on Google maps and user reviews, you can find the nearest public restroom where you can decide whether to sit, squat or hold it

.        Which would you choose?

  •  Not an app but how often are we swayed by gorgeous hotel pictures? Get information from previous guests. Also specializes in bed bug reports! Nature should always be avoided indoors.
  • Goby Free. Bored? Download this fun feed & instantly find entertaining activities within the U.S. all based on personal interest? Can it find a boyfriend?
  • AroundMe Free. When you have no idea what is around you this app will list all points of interest (theater, restaurants, shopping, hotels.) How cool is that? 
  • offers free maps (offline) & presents walking tours in over 470 cities! The tours are $4.99 each. Best feature? A “find me” locator so it can record where you have been. Perfect for the geographically challenged!

 How else could I find him again?

Unlike Global City Guide $19.99.  worth it. Find the hippest bars, hotels, museums, clubs and restaurants hand selected by professionals. Perfect travel companion, access all info off line, no Wi-Fi or 3G needed

City-Go-Round- not an app, but so valuable. This website compiles all public transportation apps (follow that?) Helps you navigate anywhere in the country. Just log on to “find the best way to navigate through a busy city.”

 Which way do I go?

Follow the Wear Girls next week as we navigate food and fashion. A girl has to eat and a girl must shop!!!

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