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Get Personal

The Married and Single Girl Hit Chicago

Chicago Girls


The Married One

Game On?

Is monogamy out? Open marriage back in ? As Sarah Jessica would say… Is this the new way to say “I do.” Does watching & sharing your mate turn you on? Certainly it will  keep you on your toes. She can’t look better than you do! A better question is – will it make your marriage stronger or cause you to head for divorce court?


The Single One

 Solo in Chicago

 Is dating out?  If monogamy is out, then why date at all? The 10:30 pm date is the new norm. Is that after his first date? The late night rendezvous – alluring, provocative and hot – like crawling out your window in high school. Maybe excessive dating leads to stronger monogamy. Or utter exhaustion!



Get Personal

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Fabulous Coming and Going Provocative Fashion from designer Galia Lavah

Hottest ticket in town. Fast, Famous and Fashion… Join Chic Metropolitan’s ‘Fast & Luxurious’ Release Party Saturday night September 13th at the Fairmont Hotel.  Featuring international designer Galia Lahav.

Fashion with sophisticated flair. Plunge in to the night with Shark Tank host Robert Herjavec and race through the evening with too hot to handle race car drivers. Be fast and keep up the speed as this event kicks off the season in San Francisco.

The ultimate in local designer luxury – Come See San Francisco Designer Colleen Quen Couture at the Chic Metropolitan’s Release Party Sept 12 at the Fairmont Hotel. She willl rock the runway! Exquisite texture woven into bursts of color for evening & cocktail attire. Stay ahead of the curve if you want something unique… don’t miss this San Francisco night of fashion on the cutting edge!!!!




The Single One


Casual look

Another casual night. Just when you least expect it – you meet him. A dating breakthrough. Immediate chemistry & connection. Starts with cocktails and ends closing a restaurant. The incredible and challenging world of dating just shifted. You meet someone and for that instant nothing else matters. 4:00 am still seems early. In the world of dating optimism –  it’s as good as it gets. This is the single girls’ dream!



The Married One

A Perfect Moment

Does traveling “Single” improve marriage? Off to Tulum, Mexico with girlfriends. A break from your mate! No need for dressy Herve Leger.  Pack a Yoga mat, flip flops & bikini. Increase your flexibility, go from pasty white to tan. Re-enter your marriage relaxed, limber and ready for passion. Your zen feeling may not last long… but every marriage needs a break! Peace, Serenity, Namaste!




Barcelona Get Personal

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The Married One

Swinging at the W Barcelona

Sex-cation! Expectations run high. No schedules, no children (hopefully) to interrupt. Who doesn’t love vacation sex?  Perhaps he wants sex 3x a day; you want to go shopping. You want romantic sex on the balcony; he wants to watch  the soccer game. A sex-cation could mean new positions. Swing from the chandelier, skinny dip in the private pool, ignite the fire on that bear skin rug. Hide the remote, wear sexy lingerie.  Reality returns soon enough!


The Single One

Leg up on Fashion

Want to surprise him at the door? Greet him with a neck brace. A neck collar is not a fashion accessory. The 5 inch heel will not off set it.  Sex and the third date rule? How long do men wait? A week, a month. Compounded by a fracture and dating just got more challenging. The meaning of “safe sex” just doubled. Can you actually just stay on the bottom? If so, men really need to be “on top” of their game. No down time or he will be on E-Harmony!