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" Big" Time Travel

New York – the”Big” city. Live the life of Carrie! Fashion week, salsa and burlesque festivals, feathers, and lace. Optimal location for the single girl, hot looking business man,  & romantic couples. Meet, mingle and mix during happy hour at the Hotel Elysee.

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Where do you shop all day, stay up all night? New York. Not enough hours, not enough money, and there are handsome men everywhere to distract you. Deck out in a brilliant blue tote, 5 inch python skin Alexander Mc Queen pumps, add a tight geometric fitted knit dress. Perfect for the Monkey Bar! Easy to hail a cab in your body hugging…





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Tranquility in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico – Catch Demi Moore frolicking in the water. Actress Heather Graham doing her morning yoga. Hop on the first plane to the most gorgeous laid back destination (even the Wear Girls need to recharge!) Discover miles of endless beaches, turquoise water, soft white sand & warm weather. Known as “yoga” heaven, practice yoga by day & moon lite strolls by night. Adding a shot of tequila adds to the magic of Tulum. Namaste! So grab the SPF and head to…


The Colors of Tulum

Why yoga? For that long, lean and linear body (colored spray paint look optional). What do you wear to a yoga retreat? Think comfort, shiny tops and mesh accented leggings, no make-up and ponytails. That is an incentive right there! Yoga outfits can now take you from a meeting to a mat to mingling without a change. A healthy body is the best accessory… but the coolest item to wear in the downward dog position is…

Dubai Home

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Jumeirah Zebeel Saray Hotel


THE “IT” DESTINATION – On the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the richest nations in the world. One foot immersed in Arabian culture, the other firmly planted in the 21st century, a playground for the rich & famous. Why go? Think tax free shopping, souks, dining, beaches, camel & dune racing & over the top hotels. Did we mention that the weather is warm? Check into the Jumeirah Zebeel Hotel…

Dior 'Cherie Bow' Collection

Keep your Dior”eye” on fashion in Dubai – the fashion center of the Middle East. Glitz, glamour, metallic embellishments & flashes of jewel colors abound. From swimsuits to crystal studded gowns, fashion from everywhere in the world. Too hot outside? Stay inside the Dubai Mall; only 1200 shops! Want the perfect swimsuit that makes you look long, lean & sexy?