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What do you wear for an outdoor oriented trip? In winter, dress warmly and stylishly with a cozy hoodie or for unexpected weather changes bring a bright red vest and soft blanket. If traveling spring or summer peel off the layers and wear easy casual resort wear. Your best solution- mix and match your pieces so you will have unlimited choices. When traveling select 2 basic colors and one bright splash of color for packing ease. We know these items below will help you out!

Bulgarian Winter Wear





Bulgarian Summer Wear




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Bulgaria – Fashion

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We love to Shop and want to share our fashion favorites with you. This week features clothing to relax in while thinking about Spring. Vivid colors, mix your casual jeans with multi- colored sandals or cropped pants with heels and bright jewelry. You can buy all these items  right here.  Just hoping we don’t show up at the same party…


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Sandy’s Favorites

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Our Favorites

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